I subscribe to a few tech-related newsletters, and I found this interesting article discussing Instagram “influencers” and sponsored content in one of them: Someone once said something to the effect of, if you’re not paying for a product, you are the product. YouTube, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter… social apps are free because they … Continue reading “Influence”


Let me make this clear: I am not an agile fan. I heard the murmurs when it started many years ago, and kept a watch on it. It sounded like a pipe dream: more collaboration, shorter development cycles, writing mo’ faster code mo’ better with less bugs, effortlessly changing the software as new requirements emerge. In … Continue reading “Agility”

Time to App

Time to App

Whenever someone hears that you’re an app developer, they say things like “You should write an app!” To which I usually reply “It’s all been done before.” Let’s face it, the Flappy Bird-phenomenon was a fluke, the kind I’m unlikely to chance upon.  Even though I knew all the apps had been written, albeit some … Continue reading “Time to App”