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A colleague forwarded me an article that is waaaayyyy above my pay grade – mental ability to comprehend – but it is fascinating nonetheless. It describes how quantum error-correcting codes can protect against the fragility of quantum states in computing.

Here is the article: https://www.quantamagazine.org/how-space-and-time-could-be-a-quantum-error-correcting-code-20190103/

I haven’t really thought about quantum physics much, because it sounded like so much voodoo magic. Observe a qubit (quantum particle) and its state changes from quantum to physical, and that kind of stuff. Any thoughts I had about quantum and its frail state goes along the lines of Einstein’s statement (paraphrasing): “God don’t play dice”. I fully agree.

Science, though, is forging ahead, and one day quantum computers will be with us. In the meantime, all kinds of interesting things are being discovered. I don’t understand all or even half of it, and thinking about it gives me a headache.

My usual method of failing to comprehend complex concepts is to try and build a mental model of it. Sadly I haven’t kept up with the latest quantum news, and some basic concepts are therefore unknown and slightly incomprehensible. The language is also non-descriptive: “string theory”, for some daft reason, refers to the theory of innumerable universes parallel to our own, and not to twine.

Scientists should speak to linguists before naming their theories.

As the properties of quantum physics emerge, though, I am astounded at the inherent order of the (this?) universe. It boggles my mind that not everyone can clearly see the hand of a Creator at work. After all, space-time is smarter than us.

I really enjoyed the quote on black holes though: “When there are so many errors that you can no longer keep track of what’s going on in the bulk [space-time] anymore, you get a black hole. It’s like a sink for your ignorance.”

If we had sinks for our ignorance, what would society look like today?

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