Progressing… not so much

My app was never a racehorse jumping out of the starting box, and the trend continues. I’ve been thinking about the app – what I want to do next, how I want to do it, and then I didn’t do it.

Times are slow at work as we ramp down for the holidays, which gives me time to catch up on all my tech newsletters. Even though I generally read max 4 articles per newsletter, it often happens that a fascinating-looking related link will catch my eye.

Like Alice, I fall down the Internet rabbit hole, emerging hours later dazed and with a head buzzing with facts and allegations to be mulled over and assimilated.

BUT I did finally manage to start on the database… sort of. I opened my browser and Googled “database normalisation”.

There are 7 levels of normalisation, and these determine the structure of the tables and their relationships in your database. The levels are referred to as 1st Normal Form (1NF), 2nd Normal Form (2NF), etc.

If I recall correctly, with my previous Access database I only managed to normalise up to level 4. After that it seemed that I was working backwards and breaking previous levels of normalisation. At the time, a database administrator told me it was rare to find a database normalised up to level 7. This was a few years ago, though, so I stand to be corrected.

The normalisation seems simple enough:

  1. 1NF: Each column of a table should be unique; where columns duplicate information, move to a different or new table and create relationships between them.
  2. 2NF: Cut down on tautological/superfluous information data in a table by placing in different tables and building relationships.
  3. 3NF: All columns must depend directly on the primary key; where this is not the case, move to a different or new table where this can be the case.

After this there is BCNF which I haven’t been able to decode, and apparently the rest of the levels aren’t applied to anymore (no surprise there).

Although there will be a LOT of data in my database, I don’t think it will be all that complex. Still, I like to do things right.

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